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Continuous Symbols


shapes on drawing.



20 Pieces Of Continuous Symbols

  1. There are two master shapes for Visio2000 and for Visio2003.
    • "2003 Continuous Symbol" fits to Visio2003 and runs faster, but not runs on Visio2000, or 2002.
    • "2000 Continuous Symbols runs on Visio2000,2002 and 2003, but runs slower.

Define Symbol

  1. When you drop this shape on Visio drawing page, 20 pieces of continuous-symbol balloons for parts number are ready for use.
  2. Locate your mouse icon on the first shape just dropped on the drawing page, and push the right hand button,and a pop-up menu appears.

    Although this pop-up menu appears not only when you click on the top symbol, but also on the other following symbols, the program regards the selected symbol as the top of the Continuous Symbols.
    You can make good use of this rule, and you can divide a set of Continuous Symbols into two or more sets of different Continuous Symbols.
  3. When you select "Define Symbol", a window named "Define Symbol" appears.

  4. Open the upper list-box, and select a line of Symbols in the list,

  5. If necessary, use spin-button to change starting character.

  6. Press "OK" button, and then the symbols change as you defined.
  7. "CANCEL" button returns them, as they were before change.
  8. To finish "Define Symbol", press "CLOSE" button..
Check If Symbols Duplicate On A Drawing Page.
  1. Select "Check Symbol's Overlap" at the pop-up menu, and inspection starts and display the list of symbols that Duplicate.
  2. And highlight the duplicating balloons.
  3. If not found, a message, "No Symbol Overlaps.",appears.
Connect Two Sets of Symbols into one.
  1. Select "Connect Symbols" at the pop-up menu, a window named "Connect Symbols" appears.

  2. Select a balloon of another set of Continuous Symbols.

  3. Press "OK" button, and the symbols change and continue to the last balloon of another set of Continuous Symbols.

  4. If you select a balloon in the same set of Continuous Symbols that include itself, an error message, "Continuous Symbol cannot connect to itself.", appears, when you push "OK" button.

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