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Continuous Symbol Data


shapes on drawing.


Symbol Data

  • Symbol Data contains all data available for the Continuous Symbols.
    So, normally it is not used, but when you wish to add or edit the data.
  • When you add or edit the data, open the stencil as an original, double click the shape, and edit the shapes in it.
Structure of Symbol Data
  • The Symbol Data is a set of the shapes made by the Visio's text tool but is not a group. Each shape has a line of text string like ABCD........
  • The order for the program to read the data is not location on Y-axis but the overlapping order. The shape at the most under part is read first, The top is read last.


  • The symbol that can be displayed in a balloon is limited to one character, if it is 1-byte character or 2-byte.
  • The symbols available depend on your fonts in your system.
  • If characters duplicate in a string in a shape, a error occurs. For example, in "ABCDECFG...", characters "C" duplicate, the error may occurs at the second "C".

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