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How to Install Fonts/Go to Set Up Fonts

Go to How To Install Isometric English Fonts.

How to Isometric Japanese Fonts

In order to enable to set up fonts,
the isometric fonts must to be installed beforehand.
Here is the description how to install isometric Japanese font.

Install with "FontInstaller"

  1. Unzip the downloaded file, then open the folder "Wadalab-NakaKakuGothic".
  2. Double click the file "FontInstaller.exe", and FontInstaller installs 2 set of fonts,"wadalab-nakago-IsomeLeft.ttf" and "wadalab-nakago-IsomeRight.ttf" are installed.
  3. Restart computer.

If you cannot install with "FontInstaller"

  1. Click [Start] of WindowsXP. and click "Control Panel".
  2. Double click "Font" folder.
  3. Click the menu "File", and click "Install New Fonts".
  4. In the "Drive" box, double click the folder which contains the fonts.
  5. In the "List of Fonts", select fonts, "wadalab-nakago-IsomeLeft.ttf" and "wadalab-nakago-IsomeRight.ttf", while pushing the "Ctrl" key.
  6. Turn on the check box, "Copy fonts into font folder".(The fonts are installed in "Windows\Fonts" of WindowsXP)
  7. Press [OK]
Set Up Fonts
Set Up Must Be Done Before Using Isometric Fonts. Go To Set Up


These Japanese fonts for piping isometrics, "wadalab-nakago-IsomeLeft.ttf" and "wadalab-nakago-IsomeRight.ttf", are made from free font, "wadalab-nakakakugo.ttf", orinally made by Wada Lab, ftp.ipl.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp, (http://www.digitalgraphiclabs.com/), using trial version of the font editing tool, "TTEDIT", the product of Musashi System, (http://musashi.or.tv/.)

"FontInstaller" is the product of Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Thanks to all people there.
Junichi Yoda

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