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Super Balloon, Additional Super Balloon


shapes on drawing.



Super Balloon, The Points

  1. Prefix and suffix can be added to the number.
  2. 4 types of balloon shape can be selected.

How to use?

  1. When you drop this shape on Visio drawing page, 20 pieces of continuous-number balloon for parts number are ready for use.
  2. Push the right button of the mouse on the first no.1 balloon, and a pop-up menu will appear.

  3. Select "Define style of parts number", and another window will appear, where you can define or modify a prefix, a start number and a suffix.

  4. The result of definition covers all following Super Balloons.
  5. You can change the shape of all Super Balloons at once, if you select from the pop-up menu "Circle", "Rectangle", "Under Line", "No Line" or "Ellipse".
  6. You can relocate each balloon separately near the parts, and redirect the arrow to point the parts.

Additional Super Balloons

Even if the number of parts exceeds 20, additional numbers can be added to the drawing.
The numbers can be added more than once, all additional numbers continue automatically to the existing last number.

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