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How to make shapes for piping isometrics.

Reference Documents

The foundation for the creation of shapes are written in the beginning of the "Solution Development Guide", attached manual to Visio Professional.

The documents are in the Web site of Microsoft.
Registration is required first to access the documents Developing Visio Solutions
The Web site of Microsoft has explanation of Creating Routable and Other 1-D Connectors

Outline is as follows
1 Write a figure on paper and express coordinates of each point of a figure with the equation using the triangular functions or any other mathematical functions. Example
2 Make shapes referring Creating Routable and Other 1-D Connectors or any other documents. Write formulas of each point into the section Figure Coordinates 1 of Shape Sheet. Protect the formulas with Guard function, so that formulas may not break when a control handle is operated and a shape is changed.
3 A front pipe should come up to the front. Hide a part of pipe in back, and make a front pipe legible.
a. Copy connector shape created at 2.
b. Change the type of lines.
c. Fill in LineWeight column of the form section of a line as GUARD (Sheet.3 - LineWeight+4 pt.).
d. Fill in LineColor column as GUARD (1) etc.
Width of a line is made thick 4 points, change the color of a line into white, and arrange in piles back.
4 Define control handle to change shape.
a. Make 2 and 3 into one group.
b. Arrange a control handle on the group.
c. Enter the formula showing Y coordinates of a control handle in a control handle section.
d. Protect formula with guard function also in this case.
5 Add connecting points.
a. Arrange connecting points to the starting point, a terminal point, etc. similarly.
b. Enter a formulas in connecting point section.
c. GUARD (Height*0) at the start point.
d. GUARD (Width*1) at the end point.


In the case of double elbow, coordinates of points of
the shape are expressed with an equation, as follows


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